Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remember November

Sooooooo, I know you've all been eagerly awaiting a come back (wink) so here I finally am in all my glory, or rather- furry. After a long and difficult rotation with practically no time for shopping/shooting vintage escapades, I am so excited to pick right up where I left off! Only this time, its about 20 degrees cooler, but all the more reason to spice up the outfits. This fur vest (sorry animal lovers/PETA) has miraculously made its way into my possession and has been keeping me stylish and warm in this dreary north-eastern weather! Im actually growing fond of the north east as I keep making trips home to NY and back to Mass and finding adorable little towns along the way, like Greenwich, CT where I stopped to shoot a few pics. Promise to keep the post coming guys, stay tuned :)
Vest: Savers
Bag: Coach (vintage)
Boots: Goodwill

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