Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Defy old standards

Yesterday on my drive back to Mass, I took a little thrifting detour and landed on a 50% off savers sale- sweet! It took me a few minutes to realize the staff had been strategically outfitted in cowboy boots, bandannas, and over-sized belt buckles as part of a "boot kicking sale" theme. There's something about losing authenticity when you try too hard, but I gotta give em credit for staying in character!

While the recent return of cowboy fashion has taken the trend from "functional" to "fly," head to toe western wear is probably better suited for outfitting an equine than a fashionista. When it comes to trends, I like to experiment with styles that defy the "rules" and make up my own- like pairing this modern dress with cowboy boots and vintage fur.

Anyone can sport the western look by checking out ModCloth where you can get a western-inspired pair!

Photo credits: Irina

Friday, February 18, 2011

My personal fashion week

No, it's not a myth, there IS vintage Gucci out there and I probably snatched the last of it (sorry guys, but it just keeps calling my name!) I am completely mesmerized by this new and delicate addition which goes with almost everything....and with everything it will go- for at least, hmmm, let's just say a long time! One day I would love to own a modern edition, like the New Jackie shoulder bag, and as soon as I have $24,900 to shell out on it I promise you'll be the first ones to know!

Today I planned to debut the "Fur Fridays" installment on StylePalate, however I was too excited to share the newest find with you all. But not to worry, there's lots of fur for lots of fridays, and cant believe I'm saying it, but I hope it stays cool enough to actually get some use out of it this season.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Photo Credits: Irina

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring has (almost) sprung!

It turns out that when you misspell ferocious, you come up with furacious, a word I am not sure still exists (or ever did). However, according to a very credible source, google, furacious has something to do with being a "fur thief." In that sense, this coat is truly worthy of this semi-made up adjective because it really was a steal!

The weather was just beautiful today and I got to preview some of my wardrobe options for the spring. Don't know about you guys, but spring cant come soon enough. Who's excited?!!!

Coat: Vintage (savers)
Boots: (savers)

Photo Credits: Ella

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is in the hair

So much is happening in the next few months! I'm so excited to put an end to what seems like never-ending mis-education of Lena, and begin the next chapter in my life. I have to admit that I will miss it to some degree, especially the shenanigans with my friends when I really need to be studying. But everyone deserves a break, correct? It just so happens to be that mine is when I take time off from taking time off.

Looking back at the last two something years, I've gone through many highs and several lows. Grad school was a huge challenge, one that pushed me not only to my academic limits, but forced me to steer the stress into something creative-like this blog! With every day I find that my own personal style is changing, developing, and sometimes I even find my vision of fashion splattered all over the magazines, which is pretty awesome. With everything that's coming to an end, Im looking forward to the new season, and a new and evolved-me.
Photo Credits: Ella