Friday, February 18, 2011

My personal fashion week

No, it's not a myth, there IS vintage Gucci out there and I probably snatched the last of it (sorry guys, but it just keeps calling my name!) I am completely mesmerized by this new and delicate addition which goes with almost everything....and with everything it will go- for at least, hmmm, let's just say a long time! One day I would love to own a modern edition, like the New Jackie shoulder bag, and as soon as I have $24,900 to shell out on it I promise you'll be the first ones to know!

Today I planned to debut the "Fur Fridays" installment on StylePalate, however I was too excited to share the newest find with you all. But not to worry, there's lots of fur for lots of fridays, and cant believe I'm saying it, but I hope it stays cool enough to actually get some use out of it this season.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Photo Credits: Irina


  1. Love the shoes and the necklace.lena u gotta keep posting to show the world how to dress well

  2. beautiful pictures!!!
    I love your coat!!