Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Its been a while, but now I smile

Out with the new, and back to the old-ish, isn't that how the saying goes? Maybe just in my world. I love bringing the different time periods back to life and giving the clothes yet another chance to shine. It's also great for the environment. I must be an old soul, but who can resist vintage timeless pieces like this coat and wristlet?!

For the last two days I've been listening to the "nicest thing" by Kate Nash on repeat, and just can't get enough. Yes, it's somewhat on the sad side, but I think its really soulful, so I'll share it with you guys. Let me know what you think!

Coat: Goodwill ($7)
Wristlet: Vintage Etienne Aigner (Saver's, $5)
Sweater: 50s Vintage
Shoes: Saver's ($7)
Tights: We Love Colors ($12.50)


  1. hi hun,
    WOW Iam glad to find another NYC girl ;-))
    thanks for ur comment... you can get them at Topshop - Princestreet or at Asos. I bought mine almost a year ago but I still can't get enough of them! would love to have u as my follower!!
    have a great day!

    KISSES julia

  2. amazing vintage jacket! I like, and the shoes!!


  3. Loving the outfit...!! You did not get that gorgeous RED bag for 7 bucks! Really?! Love wear it so well..Love the pics!

  4. This is a gorgeous coat and I love it with the ear warmer! Must find myself one of those!