Saturday, January 22, 2011

tour de force

Being an avid thrift shopper, I have officially become the new and proud owner of this glamorous sequined jacket! I'm testing new heights (literally-in these shoes, and figuratively-reverting to 80s style) and perhaps a new outlook-from the top.

The subtle shift in dressing is one of the reasons I like vintage. It's something everyone can relate to and has seen before, although not everyone is ready to revisit. Between all the new purchases last week, I'm bound to revisit at least a couple of decades. Stay tuned!

Jacket: 80s Vintage
Purse: Whiting and Davis
Leggings: 80s vintage

Photo credits: Ella


  1. SEXXXY Lady! Love how you paired up the whole outfit! Love it!!!

  2. love the jacket. Only you can make it look hot, new and sexy

  3. I LOVE this outfit!!!!!! and your hair looks awesome!!!!! I want these leggings! immediately!!