Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fringe Benefits

This past week I have discovered two things: 1. gemologist is a real word and a legitimate profession, and 2. there's Saver's in NY after all!

If my (hypothetical) closet wasn't already (hypothetically) ripping at the seams then I wouldn't think twice about getting the most adorable green boots I spotted. However, since it is... I only thought about it once, and just had to get them anyway. The boots are a perfect addition to the latest three things I'm obsessing about, if you haven't already noticed: braiding my hair, western looks, and anything green. Would love to hear yours!


  1. such great photos!
    LOVE the jacket

  2. hey lena, your pics look great. love the outfits :)
    feel free to join my blog.... ~ Hettie

  3. Looking as gorgeous as ever! And your look reminded me of those days where we really didn't have to worry about much but schoolwork..was it the early 90's that this was in style? :) Ah, the good days!
    Oh, and where are those wonderful green boots..really was looking forward to seeing them! :) Hope they're featured in your next blog!