Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sixties Sensation

Back from Style-Palate hiatus, who's excited?!!!!!! Lots has been happening and I'm so ready to pick up where I left off (gosh, where has the summer gone...) Actually, fall is not such a bad season after all, considering that this is the first time that I wont be going back to school, and it feels great.

Now that I have permanently moved back to NY, I gotta say my thrifting adventures don't exactly compare to the Massachusetts hot spots. New Yorkers sure have the passion for (budgeted) fashion, which translates to finding close to nothing on the racks of my favorite shops, frequented often by thriftenistas. But I am not one who doesnt like a good challenge, and I'll just have to dig deeper- literally.

...and I got off to a great start, digging out this skirt at one end and the top at the other end of a shop. Who would have thought that these two were ever apart. New York, here I come!!!

Photo Credits: Ella


  1. Hey lena I just love your pictures and you have a nice blog..:)

  2. Ok one word: Oh my Gd..LOVE! (..ok that's 3 words, but you get my point)..
    Love love love..especially that hairstyle..! Everything!

  3. i LOVE this outfit!!

  4. I'm totally in love with this look! :)
    Just in my type :)