Saturday, December 3, 2011

The perfect gift-LensLoop

For all you gift givers this season, I’ve got an awesome present that your gift getters will surely brag about (and maybe even blog about!). I’ve spent quite some time researching and tracking down the best camera accessories that will make my picture taking, and being taken a picture of, experience a breeze. I’ll also share a secret with you, this is the perfect item to bribe your friends with to have them take your blog photos. This camera strap makes blog shoots a totally effortless feat, and leaves you wanting to shoot more than you’ve ever set out to.

What I love about this strap is that it doesn’t hurt your neck like the typical camera straps tend to, which essentially tires you out. With the comfort of this new design you don’t even have to move the strap at all, just simply glide the camera when ready for use. I’m so happy I found this gadget so close to the holidays, and I’ve actually ordered a couple for each of my photographers to say thanks! But that’s not all, I’ve gotten one for you too! Any of my followers and those who join to follow the blog until December 21 will qualify to win this trendy camera strap! Get excited and keep snapping!

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