Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Lately I've been consumed with all things leather;  however, not only are quality leather pieces hard to come by, but they are also ridiculously expensive. And of course insensitive to the animals. But mostly expensive ( lets just keep that between each other). You can imagine my excitement when I found these pants which may as well be leather, but for a fraction of the price and cruelty (aside for the probable sweatshop they were made in). < JK >


  1. Awesome outfit! I love the boots:)

  2. Oh my god, I've been dying to get a pair of leather pants, but I didn't know if I could pull them off so I've been hesitant. They look phenomenal on you!
    Jillian -

  3. those are nice photoshooting!!! very good style
    and thank you for the comment! new wallpapers coming soon