Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tailored Trends

Let me reintroduce myself to all of my supportive followers from back in the days of cold Worcester winters, muggy New York summers, ends of really hard working school semesters, and beginnings of my adventures in the big city. I am a fashion lover and re-inventor, fur obsessor, vintage wearer, a second chance clothing advocate, and a lover of all people and things creative. Ready to embark on yet another fashionable journey and take New York by rain, snow, or storm, which given the right {fashionable}-gear, isn't so hard after all as long as you're prepared. Sometimes, even a little over prepared ;)

Photo Credits: Irina


  1. Thank you for your comment!
    I soooo like your style!
    You have a new follower over here! (both on bloglovin and GFC) :)

    xx, A!

  2. you look amazing! new york is such a good city to shoot :)
    lots and lots of love

  3. I'm a former Worcesterite, too! Have enjoyed checking out the blog!