Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From trash to treasures

The countdown has officially ended, and I’m on my way to a stress-free and vintage-full two whole weeks! To kick off the new (and well deserved) freedom from classes, I attended a swapoholics event in Worcester, Mass. You know it had to be something worthwhile for me to spend a few extra days in school city, as I usually skip out to NY the second I can.

This was my first swap event, although it’s something I really wanted to organize for a while….and now maybe I will! Not only did I find some awesome stuff (pics to follow) but I also got to meet some great bloggers, Jen from jen loves kev and Julie, from Orchid Grey, who were kind enough to take some pictures with me (thanks!)

It’s only been a few days, but I have already accumulated so many new outfits and accessories which I cannot wait to share with you! Now the only challenge is making more room in the closet….this is where another swap can come in handy!


  1. hey! it was great meeting you too! hope you snagged some good stuff at the swap!

  2. I love your shoes!! They are amazing, however I would die wearing them - heels kill me!