Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quiet please

I have to admit, the last place I’d probably be found at on my time off is the library, and yet there I was. And it was amazing. There’s always that one encounter that has the potential to reshape your views, and for me it was the Brooklyn Central Library.
Designed to resemble an open book, the expansive library space is both inviting and mysterious. I could see myself spending hours upon hours roaming the isles and getting lost in them, and in my own thoughts. It’s kind of like shopping, except you won’t leave with any physical possessions, which isn’t all that bad. Sometimes bibliotherapy beats retail therapy.
Photo Credits: Luba

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  1. My Gosh! I am absolutely in LOVE with what you're wearing!!! What is it?! That orange is beyond gorgeous! Please do tell! Amazing pics..props to Luba..oh and the model of course too ;)